002smallcrop Lead Time

We require minimum of 1 week advanced notice for all cake and cupcake orders because they are made from scratch and we are often booked to our full capacity. If you have less than a week of lead time, please stop in and see what we have on hand. All our on hand items are available on a first come first serve basis. Each different flavor of cupcakes must be ordered in multiples of 6 per flavor. If you would like a variety, we would be happy to arrange a mixture of what is already being made that week.

Cupcake Pricing

Each 6 12


$2 $12 $24


$3 $17 $33

Vegan, Dairy-free,

Gluten-free, Soy-Free

$4 $23 $45

 Cake Servings

All prices reflect double layer round cakes. At Bluebird we have a healthy appetite. Our serving sizes are larger than most bakeries because we believe in eating and enjoying cake, not just a bite!

 Size 6″ 8″  9″ 10″ 12″ 14″
 Double Layer  12 24 32 42 56 78
 Triple Layer  18  36  48  63  84  114

Classic/ Specialty Cake Pricing

Our classic/specialty cakes are $3.00 per slice as they are a more decadent choice. These double layer cakes give you the ultimate drool inducing experience. They are covered in stunning drizzle, cascading chocolate, or generous garnishes that compliment each cake flavor. We make each cake as eye popping as the cupcake flavor that inspires them.

Themed  & Children’s Cakes

Our themed cakes are generally $4.00 per slice. This includes a mixture of detailed buttercream to achieve a beautiful cake design of your choosing.

Fondant Cakes & Cupcakes

Bluebird’s fondant cakes (or cupcakes with toppers) start at $5.00 per serving for the flavor of your choosing. You will get a cake covered completely in fondant with complimentary fondant details. Cupcakes in this category get a full fondant topper with fabulous fondant designs. Orders that are priced at $100 or more require a consultation to clarify design execution with our cake designer.

Wedding & Large Cake Creations

Whimsical or tiered cakes start at about $100-150. Prices will vary depending on size, complexity, and number of people being served. Please call or email us to discuss your event, arrange a tasting, or receive a free consultation. Cakes that are priced at $100 or more require a consultation to clarify design execution with our cake designer.

Smash Cakes

Stunning and simple rosette smash cakes are available in your color of choice for only $12.00! Perfect for children’s birthday & photos – or a birthday surprise at work!

Bulk Ordering

When ordering 50+ cupcakes of the same flavor, you receive a reduced price

Cake Type Bulk Price
Classic $1.90 each
Specialty $2.90 each
Vegan, Soy-free, Diary-free, & Gluten-free $3.90 each